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  Phone: 630-910-3220
Fax: 630-910-8657

Larry Vieni
P.O. Box 184
  Westmont, Illinois
Proudly serving our customers for 25 years!
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We offer a wide variety of services including:
New Construction, Residential Remodeling, Room Additions, Basements & Kitchens. 

We pride ourselves on bringing the most experienced person available in each field to your project with our direct access to experts in a wide variety of specialized trades.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Designers and Manufactures,
Bath designers

We manage your project from concept thru product selection to Final Permits & Inspections in order to ensure a quality result. 

Call us for a free consultation and estimate at 630-910-3220.

Our services include:

  - Design
  - Foundation & Concrete Flat work
  - Framing
  - Plumbing
  - Electrical
  - Roofing
  - Windows
  - Siding
  - Finish Carpentry
  - Painting & Decorating
  - Landscaping and Fountains
  - Brick Walks and Driveways
  - Permits & Inspections